Walsh's Summer Strategy: Reduce Violence in Boston

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh held a news conference Friday to discuss the city's summer strategy and the message was centered on deterring youth violence throughout the city.

"The intention for today is to end violence and reduce violence in the city of Boston," Walsh said. "That's the intention of this conversation today. It's about dealing with the root cause of violence in the city of Boston."

Walsh spoke about working with local businesses and non-profit organizations to increase the number of jobs for young people and revamping the city's youth worker program.

"We're working on new ways of reaching out to parents, reaching out to young people about how do we prevent them from an act of violence," Walsh said.

Currently, there have been 16 homicides in the city so far this year, which is six more than the same time last year, according to Commissioner William Evans.

Evans spoke about putting more officers in neighborhoods on foot and on bicycles, specifically in areas prone to violence.

"We're looking to get more visibility out there in the playgrounds, in the parks, with the whole idea of working with the community and prevent violence," Evans said.

The news conference was held at the Boston Police headquarters in Roxbury.

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