Crews Cleaning Up After Gas Station's Fire Suppression System Discharges

Crews are cleaning up quite the mess after a Massachusetts gas station's fire suppression system accidentally discharged.

Waltham fire officials confirm it happened at a Gulf Station on Trapelo Road on Wednesday.

The initial call came in as an explosion, but it turned out that the station's fire suppression system had discharged, covering much of the property with white foam.

A clean-up procedure is underway, and the system will be put back into service after that's finished, according to officials.

Michael Reid, Pumping Gas

“It was just like you’re there pumping and it came straight down on you and just kept going for about a minute," Michael Reid said. "We’ve already been hosed down. This is already you know washed off so to speak. It was all caked on.”

“They were covered in white, tried to jump in cars as fast at they could, tried to jump in their cars, but really no time to do it, it happened so fast,” said another man who was pumping gas.

No one was injured in the incident.

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