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Wanda Sykes Denies She Was ‘Booed Off Stage’ for Trump Remarks

The comedian acknowledged that she was booed, but said she did not leave the stage

Comedian Wanda Sykes issued a response after reports that she was booed off stage during the Comics Come Home show on Saturday night after she called President-elect Donald Trump a racist and a homophobe.

In a Facebook post Monday afternoon, Sykes acknowleged that she was booed, but said she did not leave the stage at TD Garden, instead staying to tell more jokes.

"First of all, I was not booed OFF stage," the Los Angeles comedian said. "I didn't go anywhere. I was booed while ON stage in the middle of my set. Some people in the audience didn't want to hear my Trump jokes. Hell, I couldn't even get to the punchlines. They were booing the setups.

"They were yelling for me to shut the (expletive) up and to go (expletive) myself, so I simply told them how that made me feel. I then moved on to other material, got some laughs and said goodnight. I left the stage with my head held high and with my middle finger even higher."

Sykes also addressed reports that a random woman rushed onstage and gave her a huge kiss after the heckling. The woman, she said, was her wife, and she said she was pleasantly surprised when the audience cheered and applauded.

"It was a great moment and it gave me a little hope for our future," she said.

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