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Want a Christmas Tree? Don't Wait. Mass. Farms Dealing With Shortage

You can also expect your Christmas tree and the accessories to cost a bit more.

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If heading to a farm to cut down your Christmas tree is a family tradition, you better head out soon. And you might want to call ahead.

As the owner of Mistletoe Christmas Tree Farm told us, “For our cut-your-own trees, we actually sold out on Wednesday.”

The Christmas tree farm in Stow still has plenty of pre-cut trees but with sky high pandemic demand last year, Mark Harnett says they oversold the trees in the field.

And if you want a tall tree? Harnett said he had a hard time this year getting trees between 9 and 11 feet.

It’s an issue throughout the state.

Nicole Leblanc, of Needham, says that’s why she was out on a drizzly Black Friday buying a tree, “A little earlier than usual, yes, definitely.”

You can also expect your tree and the accessories to cost a bit more, but Terry Volante of Volante Farms in Needham says there’s no need to panic.

Terry Volante told us the farm is fully stocked with trees, adding, “We are lucky enough to be able to commit to a whole lot of trees. So I think in some ways, some of the smaller places that only sell a few don’t necessarily get prioritized which isn't great.”

Which is why smaller distributors and pop-up stands may run out of trees early this year, or some won’t be able to open at all.

According to owner Al Volante, “the problem dates back to the economic downturn in 2006, 7, 8, 9, where a lot of growers got stuck with trees.”

You might be paying a lot more for a Christmas tree this year, with supply chain woes and "panic buying" just part of the problem.

Al Volante says his pre-cut trees from Brunswick Canada may run out a few days before Christmas but he expects to be fully stocked for the next several weeks.

Leighton McCormick, of Wellesley, is perfectly happy to be getting a tree early this year.

“I don’t mind," he said. "Just getting it up will be fun… decorating as soon as we can. I love that.”

But not everyone at Volante Farms on Friday was there for the trees…

“I’m here for turkey gravy actually," Charlie Mahoney said, "for leftover sandwiches.”

Christmas tree sellers say the supply could be tight for another year or two, but they say after that the stock should be back to normal.

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