Watch Out for Slick Roads Caused by Icy Conditions

Tuesday night's burst of heavy snow and mix near the shore is exiting through Maine early Wednesday morning. We have a lot of icy roads, especially on side roads and sidewalks.

Even in areas where it rained, we had a quick refreeze. The good news is we have a few hours of sunshine to loosen things up Wednesday morning. A second cold front pushes west to east through.

It’s the leading edge of that frigid air we’ve been hearing about it in the Midwest. A squall line forms in eastern New York just about lunchtime, and races across our six-state region Wednesday afternoon with a brief burst of heavy snow.

In any one spot, it should only snow for about 15 minutes. However, it can be like a 5-to-10-minute blizzard, wreaking havoc on some of our roadways. Temperatures Wednesday are not moving much from the 20s to low 30s south, 20s to teens north.

Wind from the west is gusting past 30 mph, perhaps approaching 50 mph briefly in any squall.

Cold air similar to what we had last Monday moves in on Wednesday night and Thursday. Low temperature near 0 degrees, and a high temperature in the single numbers north and low teens south Thursday. Wind continues gusty from the west, 25 to 30 mph, sending the windchill to subzero levels all day.

The harsh chill eases Friday. Morning low temperature will below zero north and just above zero south, will modify to the teens north and 20s south in the afternoon.

The weekend looks pretty nice, with a good amount of sunshine Saturday, we’re back to the 20s and low 30s.

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We will have a lot of clouds may be a little light snow at the Canadian border Sunday, high temperature in the 30s to low 40s.

It’s a tough call for next week as it looks like warmer air wants to come to New England. But there’s also a batch of cold air crossing southeastern Canada. We have to monitor the position of the front.

But for now, it looks like we are on the mild side and any precipitation will be wetter than white Tuesday and Wednesday. Stay informed with our first alert 10-day forecast.

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