Water Main Break Floods Worcester Neighborhood

A water main break Tuesday afternoon flooded parts of the Greendale neighborhood of Worcester, Massachusetts.

The Worcester Department of Public Works confirmed the break was discovered on Stores Street at Shore Drive just after 3 p.m. Tuesday. Police advised the public to avoid the area near Greendale Mall, with Interstate 190's exchanges with West Boylston Street and Gold Star Boulevard closing due to major flooding.

The water barely slowed Anthony Romeo down on his way to work.

"We were videotaping and not stopping," he recalled while watching the video shot from his vehicle. "I knew I had to get out of there before the water got too high, and so therefore I just made a go for it."

Other drivers weren't so lucky. At one point, a pickup truck fell into a sinkhole in floodwaters, coming to rest head-first and mostly submerged. Officers say Worcester Police Chief Steven Sargent got into the water to help save the driver.

At least five cars were stuck, but no injuries were reported.

While the flooding was contained to Greendale, the break impacted most of the city.

Public works officials said shortly before 5 p.m. that the break had been isolated for repair. Even though officials say water service has been restored, they note that building pressure back in the system will take several hours. Some residents may remain without water or with rusty water, officials said.

"We've increased our chlorine dose to make sure it's safe to drink," Phillip Guerin of the Worcester Water and Sewer Department said.

The Telegram & Gazette had multiple photos showing major flooding in the area.

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