Water Main Break Impacts Traffic in Quincy, Massachusetts

A water main break impacted traffic and left homes without water on Wednesday evening in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Police said Newport Avenue was closed near Douse Road and Furnace Brook Parkway just after 6 p.m. due to the break.

A large geyser was seen shooting into the air before the water was eventually turned off around 7 p.m.

"I was actually pretty excited because I saw a rainbow but then I freaked out because the water was as high as the top of the house," said resident Connie Quach.

Larry Prendeville with the Quincy Department of Public Works said the break was caused when a bolt that holds pipes together rusted and blew the top off of a connector.

"The gate that ties the branch into the main, the top part of the branch broke off. The bolts rotted and the top part came off," said Prendeville.

A new piece was brought in and crews were working to make the fix. They would then start repairing the road.

Newport Avenue was expected to be closed until at least midnight, with detours on others.

People were advised to avoid the area.

As a result of the break, 20 homes in the neighborhood were left without water. Others were left with flooded basements.

"I came home and my basement was flooded. There is a foot of water," said resident Tere Rodriguez.

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