Wayfair Is Selling a Bunch of These Wacky Holiday Trees


If you asked Wayfair, last year's hot holiday trend was the oddly practical upside-down Christmas tree, a product that likely had Bob Cratchit rolling in his grave but otherwise became popular for saving precious floor space in cramped urban abodes.

This year, the local e-commerce company is seeing an uptick in sales in two different categories. The first is traditional (albeit artificial) holiday trees in non-traditional colors. The sale of non-green Christmas trees, I'm told, has gone up by more than 300 percent year-over-year.

The leading colors, in order of popularity: white, blue, silver, gold and brown. Why someone would buy a brown Christmas tree is beyond me (you can just have my dead one from last year for free). But I'm not shocked that a trend like this would surge these days. Everyone needs to be different, after all, and Heaven forbid that freshly cut Douglas Fur clashes with your dining room motif.

The other trend is a bit more confounding, though like last year it's driven by the need to save space as much as possible, even when it comes to a 6.5-foot artificial tree.

It seems there's a real market this year for half holiday trees. If you're picturing a short Charlie Brown tree, you're not thinking about the right half, either: Wayfair is selling a whole bunch of artificial trees that have been cut in half from top to bottom so they can be nestled more easily against a wall or into a corner.

Orders for these trees, pictured blow, are up about 150 percent over last year. Prices range from about $50 up to $275.

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