Firefighters Help New Parents Who Delivered Baby in Car

They had hoped to deliver their baby in the hospital, but a Massachusetts couple instead welcomed their son into the world from their car.

It happened early Monday morning, as the new Framingham parents tried to drive to a hospital in Concord. They wound up stopped on a street in Wayland, where two firefighters from that town happened to be close by.

"We had a structure fire in the morning. I just got back to the station and we got the call," explained Joe David, a firefighter and paramedic for the department.

David and his crew rushed over to Old Connecticut Path, where the mother and father were inside their car. Seconds before firefighters could reach them, their baby boy was born.

"Another firefighter cut the cord, wrapped the baby up and put him in the ambulance," said Nate Bachman, who joined the department only five months ago.

Despite a frantic 911 call, David said the parents and their new son were all calm by the time emergency crews arrived. They were transported to Emerson Hospital for further treatment.

"Baby was great. Everything we looked for was perfect," David said. "There's a lot of negative things you see in this career, but it's good to be able to focus on something like this with a happy ending."

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