Wayland Schools Won't Play Westford After Racist Taunts at Basketball Game

Racist, taunting language was directed at a Wayland High School basketball player at a game on Friday, school officials from both districts say

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Wayland Public Schools will not play Westford for the rest of the season after a racist incident at a girls' basketball game last Friday, Wayland's superintendent said.

In a letter, Wayland Superintendent Omar Easy told Westford Superintendent Christopher Chew that Wayland would not compete in any athletic events this spring against Westford Public Schools.

This comes after racist, taunting language was directed at a Wayland High School basketball player during a game against Westford Academy, Easy said in the letter.

"The Social and Emotional impact this event has had on our student-athletes and the entire Wayland school community is damaging," Easy wrote.

He added that his district is committed to addressing racism and hate.

Westford Academy Principal Jim Antonelli had banned his students from attending any home or away games scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday after Friday's incident. Antonelli said the chants came from the student section of the crowd.

At Tuesday night's home basketball game, NBC10 Boston spoke to parents who condemned the behavior, but wished their own children didn't have to suffer the consequences.

"Something like that has no purpose in today's society, and the kids need to learn that, but don't punish everybody," argued Terry Moran, father to three Westford school children.

"There's just always one kid who could ruin it for everybody, and now, the rest of them will be aware of it and hopefully help out," said Donna Sullivan, whose son plays for the Westford boys' high school basketball team.

Easy said he was willing to work with Westford to create a better environment following the incident.

"We stand ready to collaborate with Westford to create and foster a safe and anti-racist environment for all of our students and student-athletes," Easy wrote.

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