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Wayward Goose Spotted Roaming Boston Beach, Now Up for Adoption

The goose, who is now named "Cadbury," was rescued by the Massachusetts State Police Department and Animal Rescue League

"Cadbury" the goose is up for adoption after he was rescued by the Massachusetts State Police Department and Animal Rescue League.
Massachusetts State Police Department

A wayward goose seen roaming around an East Boston beach this week was given a second chance at life thanks to a few Massachusetts State Police troopers and the Animal Rescue League.

A concerned resident called MSP to report a seemingly domesticated goose walking around Constitution Beach all day. Three troopers and an ARL officer responded to the beach to try to capture the fowl and bring it to safety.

A NEW LIFE FOR A WAYWARD GOOSE The Christmas goose. In olden days (we’re thinking, like, Charles Dickens “Christmas...

Posted by Massachusetts State Police on Thursday, December 19, 2019

It took the group more than an hour to get the bird and despite nightfall approaching and temperatures dropping, the crew relentlessly carried on with their mission. Videos posted by MSP show a trooper approaching the goose at the shore of the beach while another throws what appears to be bread.

After much effort, the group was able to capture the fowl with a net. The goose, who was later named “Cadbury,” was taken to an ARL shelter in Brewster to be put up for adoption. He will remain at the shelter with two new potbellied pig friends as he awaits his forever home.

Anyone interested in adopting Cadbury can contact the Animal Rescue League of Boston, Brewster Branch at 617-426-9170.

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