We Asked Viewers What They'd Keep and Ditch From the COVID Era. Here's What They Said

NBC10 Boston and NECN asked followers to reflect on the past year and share what they'd like to keep or go back to as a result of all the changes we've made.

Boston Globe via Getty Images

On March 10, 2020, a state of emergency was declared in Massachusetts as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. There were 91 presumed positive cases of the coronavirus in the Commonwealth and people were still unaware of the long-term effects this virus would have on the world.

Businesses and schools were shut down and many have since reopened; many have carved out seemingly permanent work-from-home spaces; buffets lines don't seem to be returning any time soon and many have embraced the concept of social distancing.

A lot has changed in 365 days, so we wanted to hear which changes were appreciated and what people would eventually like to go back to. Here's what you said:

On Facebook, Jessie Campbell Griffith explained, "I like the slower pace of life and I like the ability for many people to be able work from home. But Distance Learning can go away (though is does sadden me that more remote schools may pop up and more kids will opt out of in-person learning)..."

Ed Colbert simply said, "None of it."

Gail Snow Moraski said she won't miss some the societal pressures from before the pandemic.

"Not feeling the pressure to always see the latest, greatest play, movie, concert, etc," she said. "Not feeling like I always had to be up to something exciting or keeping up with other friends who were doing x,y,z."

On Twitter we received more responses.

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