‘We Will Find Ease With Them': Mosque Opens Doors to Parishioners of Cambridge Church After Fire

After an Easter Sunday fire, members of the Faith Lutheran Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts, were welcomed at the Islamic Society of Boston during an interfaith gathering Wednesday night

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For the first time since their church burned in a fire on Easter Sunday, some of those who attended Faith Lutheran Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts, came together Wednesday night to pray.

Only this time, they congregated at a different house of worship: A nearby mosque.

The churchgoers were welcomed at the Islamic Society of Boston in Cambridge.

"This is the first time that our church, since the building caught on fire, has been able to gather for prayer and for community, and it seems very appropriate to me that we should do this at the house of worship that belongs to our Muslim friends," said Pastor Robin Lutjohann. "When you're in a crisis and when you're grieving, that's what you need. You need someone to shove food in your mouth, give you a hug and take care of you. In this case, it's our Muslim neighbors who are doing that, so we are incredibly grateful, and we look forward to being together."

The steeple of the Faith Lutheran Church in Cambridge came down Tuesday after the building caught fire on Easter Sunday.

The interfaith gathering was held as the Muslim community broke the fast during the holy month of Ramadan.

"The month of Ramadan is that of not only fasting, but also of connecting with one another, and this couldn't be more to the point of what truly Ramadan means for us," said Imam Ismail Fenni.

Members of the Faith Lutheran Church also used the space for song and prayer, coming together for a meal at the end.

"We have a verse from the Quran that says after every hardship comes ease, and I'm sure that they will find ease — we will find ease with them after that," said Nada Mheiny, program administrator for the Islamic Society of Boston.

Both interfaith neighbors of over 25 years told NBC10 Boston that they have always, and will always, support each other.

"It's precisely those types of normal friendships that we want to lean on during a very abnormal time," said Lutjohann.

They said it's not about faith, but rather just about being human.

"We are humans — and humans, they should care for each other and lift each other. Not only in good days, but in bad days, as well," said Mheiny.

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