WATCH: Spitting Statutes, Pickle Precedent and More Weird Laws in Mass.

From scaring pigeons to swearing at sporting events, we found and rated some of Massachusetts' weirdest laws

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Trying to be a good, law-abiding citizen in Massachusetts? It may be harder than you think.

Our legal system includes some old, antiquated laws that are either irrelevant to modern life or too obscure to be reasonably enforced. From scaring pigeons to swearing at sporting events, many of you might have unknowingly broken some weird law that's still on the books in the Bay State.

We explored some of these strange laws along with Dan Farbman, a law professor at Boston College, and rated them by how preposterous they are by modern standards. Farbman also details why some of these laws might have been made, and why some probably don’t make sense in the modern world.

So grab your lawyer and see in the video above just how many laws you may have broken without realizing it.

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