Former Westford Custodian Due in Court After Loaded Gun Found in Trunk on School Grounds

A former Massachusetts elementary school custodian has been charged with having a loaded gun in his car on school grounds.

James Healy, 21, appeared in Ayer District Court on various charges including possession of a large capacity firearm without a license and carrying a firearm on school grounds.

His bail was set at $2,000.

At his arraignment, Healy's lawyer told the court that his client has no criminal record. He also said that Healy suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and has struggled since his father's death. 

Westford police said the loaded gun was found inside Healey's trunk Tuesday while his car was park at Crisafulli Elementary School. The firearm had its serial number defaced.

Authorities also said Healey isn't licensed to carry a gun and was fired after the discovery.

Police said it was an anonymous tipster who showed a resource officer a picture of Healy with a handgun while on duty.

"It was a social media post that one of our school resource officers had brought to her attention to a detective — it had something to do with a firearm," said Westford Police Lt. James Peloquin.

Westford Superintendent Everett Olsen issued a statement saying school safety is extremely important and that the incident was a breach of public trust.

"For many years, we have devoted considerable time and effort to school security and the safety of our students and staff," Olsen said. "This is an egregious breach of public trust, school safety, and the work that our school system and public safety officials have done to keep our students safe."

Parents at the school were notified of the incident on Tuesday. Police said there was never a threat to the school but as a security measure, students and staff would see a heavier police presence starting Wednesday.

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