Wet Week in Store as Showers Continue in New England

We are in another rather wet week, but this time, rainfall is not as heavy as last.

Flooding will be a bit less likely than last week and we will be done with April showers Tuesday. As for Wednesday, we''ll begin May showers.

Low pressure is crossing New England right now with a chilly, damp start. In some cases, we have light rain and other cases, there’s fog and drizzle. That's more likely in higher elevations of Vermont, New Hampshire. As for western Maine, it may snow again for the third time in four days.

Rainfall amounts in southern New England are generally less than a quarter of an inch and in some cases, less than 1/10. Any accumulation of snow is at elevation above 1000 feet in northern New England. But we all share in the chilly start Tuesday morning, in the 30s and 40s.

Our most likely place to get sunshine is Connecticut around lunchtime, that’s why we make it to 60 degrees the afternoon. Otherwise, we hold in the 40s and 50s. The clouds really break in earnest for most of us late day and for sunset. Cold high pressure comes in Tuesday night with a mostly clear sky and patchy frost likely Wednesday morning, low temperature in the 30s and 40s.

The next weather system races in during the day Wednesday. This one also drops heavy snow in the mountains in Colorado and Wyoming, but will be mostly light rain for us.

Sunshine fades behind clouds during the day Wednesday with showers arriving in western New England late in the day. A period of rain is likely Wednesday night into early Thursday, the rain/snow line will be farther north in Maine this time.

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Thursday will also be a chilly day with a high temperature for most of us near 50 degrees, with showers tapering to fog and drizzle, maybe a sunny break.

Rainfall amounts of greater than a half inch may occur with that one. Some drying will come in Thursday night or first thing Friday, before the next wave of low pressure arrives later Friday, with another period of rain heading into the weekend. 

It's such a fast pattern that it's difficult to say whether we can get in a nice weekend, but there’s always hope. Stay tune to our first alert 10-Day Forecast for optimistic updates.

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