Weymouth, Mass. Dog Found Emaciated, Efforts to Save Her Underway

A three-day stay at an animal hospital will cost $4,000, according to the neighbor who saved the dog

A Weymouth, Massachusetts dog captured the heart of animal lovers and good Samaritans after a GoFundMe page was created to nourish her back to health from starvation.

The pooch, Brandy, is being treated for negligence at the VCA South Shore Animal Hospital in Weymouth. She was allegedly found emaciated in her owner’s home after a neighbor’s repeated attempts at a welfare check.


The neighbor, who created the charity page for the pup, immediately took Brandy to a veterinarian after the dog’s owner turned her over. After a series of examinations, veterinarians confirmed that the dog was being starved.

The animal hospital said the bill associated for Brandy’s three-day stay would amount to more than $4,000.

Brandy has been responsive to her treatments and is said to be wagging her tail and showing affection. The pup’s case was so widely received online, that it captured the attention of Braintree police, who responded to a call about Brandy and her owner’s wellbeing.


An animal cruelty investigation is underway, according to the GoFundMe page.

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