Weymouth Middle School Students Showcase Patriots Pride in Viral Video

So far the video has been played over 70,000 times in just 2 days

A video that Abigail Adams Middle School in Weymouth made has gone viral with tens of thousands of views, hundreds of shares, even the Patriot’s Hall if Fame retweeting it. It’s more attention than the kids expected.

“Tom Brady really ought to stop by Abigail Adams, because the school spirit is through the roof,” said McDonough.

They put their money where there mouth is and came up with an idea of a lip dub for The Patriots. John Mullaney the film teacher and health teacher put the idea together.

“I threw a map together and sent it to the whole staff and said this is where you need to be. And they did the rest,” said Mullaney.

The kids took this one to the end zone dressed in patriots gear and performing this one as best they could.

“The night before I went on the computer and printed out seven sheets of money,” said Josh Cullivan who rapped in the video.

While the video took a total of ten minutes to film, the mess lasted a little longer.

Student Jessica Carvalho said, "I'm sure our janitors hated us after this because of all the confetti we threw paper...red white and blue everywhere.”It’s well worth it now the video has gone viral.

“I hope that they know the kids in the Massachusetts area love what they do and support them and fuels them to give it them all in the game,” alex Norton.

The Patriots will face off against The Eagles in Super Bowl LII Sunday at 6:30 p.m. on NBC. 

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