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What You Need to Know About Sunday’s Storm

October has historically brought strong storms to New England. We are within a couple of days of several big anniversary events: The Perfect Storm in 1991, October Blizzard of 2011, and, most recently, Superstorm Sandy.

We are now talking about another powerful storm which we will feel the impacts of on Sunday. This storm will bring heavy rain and strong winds.

Here is a timeline with some of the storm's impacts:

Winds: Strongest at the coast, with gusts 50 to 70 MPH. Inland areas could still see gusts up to 50 MPH. These winds will ramp up late Sunday morning, out of the southeast. Winds peak between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. Monday. Once the storm passes, skies will clear out and we will see strong northwest winds throughout the day. We can expect frequent gusts to 45 MPH throughout the day for the entire region.

Rain: Heaviest rain will fall in western New England. However, any thunderstorms could increase rain totals to the east. Up to two inches of rain is possible in eastern New England with up to four inches across western New England. Rain begins late morning in western locations and during the evening across eastern areas. We are expecting the rain to wrap up by early Monday morning. A rumble of thunder is possible at the coast. Flooding is most likely in western New England.

Coastal Flooding: Astronomically low tide will only lead to splash over at times of high tide.

Open Water: Storm to hurricane conditions are likely with waves up to 35 feet. This will be a dangerous storm for mariners.

Power outage and wind damage potential: Scattered power outages are likely with downed trees and tree limbs possible. Pockets of structural damage are possible at the coast.

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