When a Firefighter Couldn't Attend His Son's Game, Others Stepped Up

Hundreds of firefighters from all around the area gathered at Tapley Park in Danvers for a Little League game.

But it’s not just any game.

They’re here to cheer on Jake Preston, son of Boston fire lieutenant Glenn Preston, who’s in a New Jersey hospital recovering from major surgery to beat cancer.

"Last week the day before his surgery he said if there’s anything I could ask for I’d love to see some guys show up to go to my son’s playoff Little League game," said Roger Kendrick, a Boston firefighter. It really snowballed into something much bigger."

Firefighters from even as far away as Connecticut came to the game.

"Unfortunately, his father can’t be here so we came out to show our support...kind of what we do in Massachusetts and all the locals around here," said Mark Abraham, a Methuen firefighter.

Glenn’s wife Eva is hoping this is his last surgery. She says he’s been battling occupational cancer, lymphoma, for the last three years.

"He’s good, we were hoping to just not do this again because he’s already had a lot of surgeries, six surgeries, and four hospitalizations," she said.

The father of four had his last scan come out clean, but the cancer has already returned once. The family hoping it stays away for good this time, and they return to normalcy.

"It felt really good," Jake Preston said. "I had no clue this was all happening it was mind blowing."

"I know they care and obviously these guys wouldn’t be here if they didn’t care for us and I really want to thank them," said Eva Preston.

Once Glenn is released from the hospital he has to stay in New Jersey for follow up doctor visits.

Already, $10,000 has been raised to help support his family during that time.

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