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Portland Police Confirm That Laws Do Apply to White Claw Drinkers

There are in fact laws when you are drinking claws

In response to the hard seltzer craze that has taken the nation by storm, police in Portland, Maine, "cleared the air" and issued a warning to drinkers of one particular brand.

The department took to Twitter Monday to address the phrase "ain't no laws when you're drinking claws," which people often say when drinking White Claw hard seltzer.

"Here in Portland, laws still apply even when you're drinking claws. Or drinking anything else. RT to keep your 'bros' out of trouble," the Portland Police tweeted.

The phrase was coined by comedian Trevor Wallace in a video he shared in June. The video has been viewed over 30 million times across social media platforms as of Tuesday. Wallace was forced to stop selling shirts with the phrase after he received a cease and desist from White Claw, according to VinePair.

Wallace addressed the controversy saying, "Apparently there r laws when you mess w/ the Cl*ws." This prompted White Claw's main competitor, Truly Hard Seltzer, to respond with the hashtag #NoRulysWhenYoureDrinkingTrulys.

Together, White Claw and Truly account for 85 percent of total hard seltzer sales in the United States, according to research firm Nielsen. However, White Claw is the clear number one, accounting for a whopping 55 percent of hard seltzer sales.

While spiked drinks aren't a new phenomenon — think of Mike's Hard Lemonade — hard seltzers shot to popularity this summer. White Claw rolled out in June 2016 but only became a popular Google search this May.

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