Oops! White House Typo Welcomes World Series Champion Boston ‘Red Socks'

World Series winners the Boston "Red Socks" will visit the White House on Thursday, according to an embarrassing typo online.

The White House’s website listed the 3:45 p.m. event under its schedule of live streams, but it wasn’t welcoming the champion Red Sox team.

red socks invited to white house resize
The White House welcomes the 2018 World Series champions, the "Boston Red Socks."

"President Trump Welcomes the 2018 World Series Champions The Boston Red Socks to the White House," the website and YouTube live stream link said Thursday morning. The typo was later corrected to say "Red Sox."

The event has been a controversial subject since some players have announced they will skip the celebratory meeting. Now, a typo has been added to the mix.

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