Why a Former Spotify Exec Is Joining This Boston Healthcare Startup

After raising a $31.6 million round led by Andreessen Horowitz last year, PatientPing has scooped up a former Spotify executive to lead its product team.

Dave Rodger, PatientPing's new head of product. Photo provided by PatientPing.

The Boston-based healthcare tech startup announced on Tuesday that it has hired Dave Rodger as its head of product. Rodger was previously vice president of product at Spotify, which he joined through the company’s 2014 acquisition of Somerville-based The Echo Nest. Prior to joining The Echo Nest in 2011, he held roles at TripAdvisor and SimpleTuition.

PatientPing’s software aims to help healthcare providers coordinate care for patients by sending the providers real-time notifications (or “pings,” hence the startup’s name) whenever patients are admitted, transferred or discharged from a facility, and provides critical patient information at the point of care. This can help providers save a significant amount of money and provide better care for patients.

Rodger said after meeting the PatientPing’s CEO, Jay Desai, and the company’s board, he was really impressed with how much traction the company has seen in an industry that is very complex.

“It really seems like we have now identified a pretty tractable entry point into the market on how to tackle healthcare,” Rodger said.

As its new head of product, Rodger said he will work with the company’s leadership team and employees to expand into new markets and develop new features.

PatientPing is now used by nearly 20,000 providers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Texas, Georgia and New Jersey. Its most recent expansion was in Wisconsin, where a health system consisting of a hospital, a psychiatric center and 32 primary care clinics use PatientPing’s system.

PatientPing Raises $31.6M Series B Led by Andreessen Horowitz & Leerink

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