Will Boston Mandate Proof of Vaccination Like NYC? Here's What Mayor Janey Had to Say

Enforcement of New York City's "Key to NYC Pass" is set to begin Sept. 13, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday

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With New York City announcing that it will require proof of vaccination for restaurants, gyms and theaters, Boston Mayor Kim Janey offered her thoughts Tuesday on whether she is considering something similar here.

The answer? Not yet, if ever.

"While there are no current plans for business sector vaccination mandates, we are using data to inform targeted public health strategies," Janey said on Twitter. "This includes meeting with restaurants and bars to discuss overlaps between their clientele and new COVID-19 case trends."

She added that the city is also working with the hospitality sector to provide vaccine access and information for customers.

Live music is back on at Fenway Park after concerts were postponed last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but with cases increasing again, many fans are taking precautions.

"COVID-19 cases have increased in Boston with the emergence of the Delta variant, but we are still well below threshold levels that have guided policy decisions throughout the pandemic. Work with our business community will continue as we learn to live with COVID-19."

In New York City, enforcement of what is being called the "Key to NYC Pass" is set to begin on Sept, 13, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday. The move comes as the highly transmissible delta variant continues its surge in New York City unabated, now accounting 72% of all positive samples -- roughly triple where it was three weeks ago.

Last week, Janey said Boston was "leaning toward" a mandate for city worker vaccinations. But she did not announce specific mask rules for the city, despite the rising COVID metrics.

Boston Mayor Kim Janey says with cases rising, it's important for city employees to be fully vaccinated.

"We are working toward getting every single city employee vaccinated. That has always been our goal, and we are leaning toward a mandate," she said.

The state has since issued its own mask guidance for fully vaccinated residents and students returning to school in the fall.

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