Will Release of Redacted Mueller Report Impact 2020 Presidential Race?

After two years of anticipation and speculation, the redacted report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller has finally been made public.

So how has the political landscape changed?

"I don't think 24 hours later, we are in any different place than when we started this conversation yesterday," said political analyst Scott Spradling.

Spradling says reaction to the report crystallizes the differences between those who don't support the president and those who do.

"Just get it done, we don't like Washington, we don't like status quo, so break all the rules and just do something different," Spradling said, explaining the mindset of some on the side of Trump. "They support that, that's OK with them. But there's a whole other realm of Americans that say 'No. Process matters. How you do things matters.'"

That includes the Democratic majority in Congress that now has to decide what to do next.

"Nothing in this report would prevent the House of Representatives from impeaching the president," Boston University Professor Jack Beerman said. "Although, given the composition of the Senate, it would be highly unlikely that a conviction would occur in the Senate."

"What we're seeing here is the beginning of a transition," said Spradling. "From a court of law to the court of public opinion."

Spradling says that information will be the foundation of a central conversation on the campaign trail.

"What will be interesting is to see if this information is fuel to change directions and voting process," he said.

And that's the challenge for the Democratic Presidential candidates — not just to criticize the president, but to tell voters how they would do things differently.

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