Wilmington High School Reverts to Remote Learning After House Party; 2 Adults Arrested

All students, with the exception of high-needs students, will work remotely from Monday through Nov. 6, school officials said.

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Another Massachusetts high school has been forced to transition to remote learning after officials said a large party was held without social distancing or mask-wearing.

WIlmington police broke up a party of 25 to 30 high school students on Friday, school officials said. Six to eight students were identified, while the rest of the students scattered when police arrived.

Police said a 47-year-old man and 45-year-old woman were set to be charged at Woburn District Court in connection to the party for allegedly furnishing alcohol to a person under age of 21.

Police learned of the party after responding to a 911 call at another address about a juvenile female who had drank alcohol and was in need of medical attention.

Following the party, all students -- with the exception of high-needs students -- will work remotely from Monday through Nov. 6, school officials said.

A statement from superintendent Glenn Brand and principal Linda Peters called the event "a public health issue," due to the inability to conduct contact tracing.

"As you might imagine, it is quite disconcerting to learn about this event, but equally alarming is the fact that efforts made by the Wilmington Board of Health to identify the other students at the party have been significantly limited due to lack of cooperation," the statement said.

The announcement comes as Marblehead High School officials were forced to make a similar decision after a party in the community.

Party attendees were sharing drinks and were not practicing social distancing or wearing face coverings Friday night inside a Rockaway Avenue home, Marblehead Superintendent John Buckey said in a letter to district families on Sunday.

Police broke up a party Friday night at a Rockaway Avenue home in Marblehead, Massachusetts, where teenagers weren't social distancing or wearing masks.
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