‘There's a Lot of Blood': 911 Calls From Winchester Library Stabbing Released

Disturbing details were released Wednesday about the man accused of stabbing a woman to death last month in Winchester, Massachusetts.

Police released dozens of police reports dating back six years on their interactions with 23-year-old Jeffrey Yao.

The NBC10 Boston Investigators went through the reports, which include erratic behavior, telling a store clerk to kill him, family members and police taking him to the hospital for mental evaluations.

These reports are a string of red flags going back to his high school days.

The 911 call last month was chilling.

"This is the library. Somebody is stabbing somebody! Please come, hurry! Hurry," a caller told a 911 dispatcher.

"OK, is she conscious?" the dispatcher asked.

"Um, I don't think so. There's a lot of blood. Um, she's lying down on her back," the caller answered. "Oh my God, there's a lot of blood."

Last month, 22-year-old Deane Kenny Stryker was stabbed 20 times while studying at the Winchester Public Library. Yao was charged with her murder.

As NBC10 Boston has previously reported, Yao was no stranger to police. In the documents released Wednesday, there are a dozen instances of police dealing with Yao.

"Our officers brought this individual to a local hospital for mental health evaluations many times," Winchester Police Chief Peter MacDonnell said in a statement.

The reports revealed:

  • Yao's father asked police about emergency psychiatric hospitalization.
  • Yao, himself, told police that his doctor was telling Yao he was hearing voices.
  • Yao was asked to leave Rensselaer Polytech Institute in New York in 2012 because of his behavior.
  • He posted the manifesto of the Virginia Tech shooter on Facebook in 2012, alarming fellow students.
  • In 2013, police investigated reports he followed a fifth grade girl several times.

NBC10 Boston reported on many of the incidents last month, including an attempted break-in that landed Yao in jail, and then in a hospital for a mental health evaluation.

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