Wind Backs Off, Sun Returns

After two storms walloped New England, Mother Nature is calling a truce. Wind is backing off, the sun is returning, and peace returns to the land.

So... where is the cold? Doesn't it usually follow the storm? Sometimes, but not THIS time.

We still haven't seen subfreezing temps in Boston or Worcester. Still haven't been threatened by more than a day of below normal temperatures. Still haven't seen the snow expand across Central Canada.

These signals would portend a turn toward winter. Instead, the weather pattern remains locked in autumn. We're not seeing a shift toward long term cold either. After near normal temps and a bunch of sun today, a below normal day is coming by Wednesday. Heavy clouds — not necessarily chilly temps — are the reason. Warm front swings through on Thursday and we’re back to the low and mid 60s by the end of the work week.

Enjoy the lull in the action. We all know a winter delayed isn't a winter denied.

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