Wind Chill Factor Returns After Massive Storm

For the third time this season, we are looking at an arctic outbreak of wind from the north bringing in temperatures barely above 0 degrees north and 10 degrees south.

The storm that went by yesterday deepened to 28.2 inches of mercury, one of the most powerful blizzards on record. It made landfall just east of Maine across the bay of Fundy in New Brunswick Canada last night.

Similar to what happened with the Christmas storm, this one is headed for Labrador where it's going to supply very windy and cold weather for a couple of days.

In fact, this cold outbreak may be a little colder than the last one. Temperatures today will be mostly in the teens south and single numbers north, with wind gusting past 40 mph.

Tonight, most of New England gets below zero, and it remains windy. Tomorrow's high temperature may not even make the single numbers in the north, and 5 to 10 degrees south.

Though there is a good amount of sunshine, except for snow showers in the mountains, winds continue gusting past 30 mph tonight and tomorrow. High-pressure moves south of New England on Sunday, that's the nicest looking day, with wind letting up in a high temperature back close to 20 degrees after a sub-zero start.

A warm front will generate clouds and the possibility of snow by Sunday night and Monday.

It's a tough call for what happens much of next week as there will be energy trying to come north from the Gulf of Mexico, crashing into wall-to-wall cold across Canada.

We may warm enough that rain could mix with the snow in southern New England Tuesday, and maybe again late next week. We don't see any blockbuster storms, but have to keep an eye out as the Pacific Ocean is really ramping up. California is going to have a stormy Monday-Tuesday. Whenever we see so much cold in Canada and stormy weather in California, we cannot let our guard down.

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