Winter Chill Returns, Snowy Weather Friday

Though it has been snowy and cold for the most part of our December, the celestial calendar now catches up. Our winter solstice is here with a bright and cold Thursday.

Mostly clear sky overnight as the temperature cools to single numbers and teens north, to low 20s south.

Under sunny skies, our winter solstice Thursday features a breeze from the northwest adding a little extra chill to high temperatures near 20 degrees north to 32 degrees south.

Cold high pressure is moving offshore at night, with increasing clouds in the low temperature in the single numbers and teens.

A fast-moving low pressure system races in on Friday, bringing a return to snowy weather from west to east during the morning.

Along and north of the Massachusetts Turnpike to about Portland or Augusta Maine it looks like a snowy afternoon.

Near the south coast and in far northern Maine we may stay dry for most of Friday.

Temperatures will be in the 20s to low 30s, with a few inches of snow possible especially in northern Massachusetts, most of Vermont, and much of New Hampshire and southern Maine.

A warm front will try and come through Saturday night, but it's going to meet resistance, thanks to dense cold air.

Lingering moisture may result in drizzle and freezing drizzle, if not freezing rain, in much of southern New England Saturday morning.

In the state of Maine, we will be cold enough for snow early in the day, that will be changing to freezing rain.

Saturday afternoon features a wide variety of wintry mix, and also patchy dense fog, not a very pretty day in New England.

Temperatures struggle through the 20s in northern New England, into the 30s and 40s for southern New England to the 50s on the south coast.

Christmas Eve Sunday may future breaks of sunshine, but there is still some active weather nearby, with a chance of light rain or snow returning by late in the day.

The early call for Patriots game is mostly cloudy, in the low 40s with not much wind.

The crystal ball is even more fuzzy for the weather around the time Santa arrives, it looks like snow may be returning to the region.

Christmas Day is a tough forecast, it will be colder, with a chance of snow, still a chance of rain or snow near the shore. We have a lot of fine-tuning to do before we get there.

The one thing that we are very confident about is how cold it is going to be next week. Tuesday and Wednesday also bring scattered snow showers, as temperatures will struggle to get to 10 degrees north and 20 degrees south

Wide spread sub-zero temperatures are likely by Thursday.

And snow may return again next Friday.

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