Winter Storm Causes Flooding in Scituate

Another winter storm that brought snow, rain, and wind to parts of New England caused flooding along the South Shore of Massachusetts on Tuesday morning.

In Scituate, high tide around the harbor stranded vehicles on nearby roadways and filled downtown parking lots.

"It's a pretty regular thing to have your car floating in the ocean out here, in Scituate Harbor, it's wonderful," said Julie Mannion, of Scituate, taking it all in stride.

Cody Ibbitson said high tide like Tuesday's was how he lost his vehicle a couple of years ago.

"We came out in the morning and there was a foot of water up to the door sill and the floorboard. Fun times," recalled Ibbitson.

Part of the January storm surge is being blamed on Wednesday night's full moon.

Most residents, however, have seen it before and for them, it's a way of life.

"I was born in Scituate. I've seen this a million times," said Scituate resident Paul Gillis.

The water started receding almost immediately after the 9:40 a.m. high tide.

Being about a third of the way through winter, some residents say so far, they are unimpressed.

"Par for the course. We haven't really had it that bad I think," said resident Susan Happel. "We haven't lost our electricity, usually lose our electricity by now."

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