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Winter Takes First Swing in One-Two Weekend Punch

Second Storm Strikes Sunday Night; Affecting Monday's Commute

What to Know

  • Snow will continue to fall Saturday through mid afternoon and then taper off.
  • A drop in temperature overnight may bring a freeze and the possibility of black ice. Be careful out there.
  • A second storm moves in again late Sunday evening, threatening to make Monday's commute a real mess.

Snow across most of Central and Southern New England will continue to fall steadily until early afternoon, with the heaviest snow falling through about noon, then lighter snow until the event ends by mid-afternoon.

With temperatures near the freezing mark, the snow has a relatively heavy and wet consistency, which means road chemicals have been doing a fairly good job where snow rates aren’t too heavy - though back roads and even treated highways in Southeast New England will become overwhelmed at times when snow rates exceed 1-inch per hour.

The wet nature of the snow on Cape Cod will make for back-breaking shoveling and could bring power outages by this afternoon. Roads will improve fairly quickly Saturday afternoon and evening, but watch out for areas of black ice tonight with temperatures dipping below freezing.

Sunday will be quiet with melting as high temperatures reach 40 degrees, but the next storm is due late Sunday evening into Monday morning. The second storm will likely bring a rain/snow line near and south of Boston with heavy snow that should bring the plows back out from Boston north and west, causing trouble for the Monday morning commute. Expect delays and cancellations. The good news is, following the Monday morning mess, we don’t expect stormy weather for a few days. An expected midweek storm will likely stay south of New England and the next reasonable storm chance comes next weekend.

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