Police Investigate Winthrop Car Break-ins

Police in Winthrop, Massachusetts, are reminding residents to lock their cars after a rash of car break-ins.

The department says it received several calls from residents Wednesday and Thursday reporting that their cars had been entered during the night.

At least 10 car break-ins have been reported since Wednesday, police say.

In many cases cash, credit cards and gift cards were stolen.

Home surveillance video from near Bellevue Terrace shows a small white car pull up and a person smash windows out of a work van.

Neighbors are keeping their eyes out.

"I heard that around the corner, there were several other break-ins, and this is typically a beautiful neighborhood," said Debbie Kneeland-Keegan.

Police are telling residents to lock their car doors, roll up their windows and close sunroofs, don’t leave money or electronics in plain view, and call police if you notice something suspicious.

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