Wintry Mix on Cold Sunday Ahead of Wet, Windy Monday

Find your winter jacket, you’ll need it Sunday. The average high temperature is 55 degrees and we will be 20 degrees below average (or more)! We could see many record low high temperatures set.

Thankfully there isn’t a lot of moisture to work with. On and off showers of sleet, freezing drizzle, wet snow (mainly in the higher elevations) and showers (closer to the coast) will keep Sunday gloomy.

That pesky backdoor cold front moves through as a warm front Monday. It will take most of the day to make it up to Route 2.

The marathon does not look nice. We could still be seeing sleet in Hopkinton at the starting line. Temperatures slowly climb out of the 30s into the low 40s by late morning. Rain will pick up in intensity through the morning. Winds will increase out of the east, which will mean a headwind for the runners.

With a slow moving warm front, there is less of a chance of thunderstorms and high winds. This is part of the forecast that we will be watching closely. If you’re running the marathon take precautions to prevent hypothermia. For most of the race it will rain and temperatures will only be in the 40s with an east wind.

For southern New England and the high elevations of New England, winds will still be a big story on Monday. Winds may gust to 55 MPH in these locations.

Monday evening, the cold front will come crashing through. Thankfully this time of year, with the help of sunshine, Tuesday will still be a pleasant day. Temperatures should return to average in the mid 50s.

The remainder of the 10-day forecast period looks seasonable with temperatures in the mid 50s and mainly dry weather.

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