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Wintry Precipitation Settling in the Area

After a cold yet sunny start, clouds will thicken through our Sunday with a chance for a few showers into CT, western MA & southwestern VT

With less than a week before we turn the calendar to April, we’re still talking about wintry precipitation, freezing rain and snow. Welcome to spring in New England!

After a cold yet sunny start, clouds will thicken through our Sunday with a chance for a few showers into CT, western MA & southwestern VT. In some of those higher elevations (including the Berkshires), we could get some instances of a wintry mix. Otherwise, the rest of New England looks relatively quiet with highs ranging in the upper 30s to 40°.

However, as we head into this evening, temperatures will slide into the lower 30s as showers continue to push through becoming more widespread into the early morning hours of the Monday morning commute. A Freezing Rain Advisory has already been issued ahead of these showers as the precipitation may freeze on contact, creating for a messy and icy morning commute from the Berkshire, to the Worcester Hills, to southern VT, and NH. These showers will change over to snow as it crosses into Maine where a Winter Weather Advisory has been issued. As far as snowfall accumulations for the northern half of Maine, expect 2-4” with locally higher amounts in the higher elevations. By the late morning hours, the rain/snow line slips northward, making it mostly rain by the mid-afternoon for most areas. The wintry mix will still likely be into northern NH, with snow into the Crown of Maine. High temperatures will reach into the mid to upper 40s for southern New England, but it will take most of the day to reach those numbers. We could see a few places in the 50s, but that’s likely not until dinner time Monday evening. Speaking of dinner time Monday, the evening commute around Boston will likely still be soggy, but not nearly as slick as the morning commute. The showers will become scattered and clear from west to east by sunset with a few lingering showers at the Cape after sunset and some snow to freezing drizzle into northern Maine through midnight.

Monday night, with a few lingering showers along the Cape and the Crown of Maine, it will still remain cloudy with temperatures only dropping into the upper 30s south, lower 30s to 20s north. Tuesday starts dry and cloudy, but brings another pulse of precipitation by the later afternoon hours in western New England, spreading eastward through the afternoon and evening. These showers likely going to be rain as high temperatures reach into the 50s. Some of these showers could be heavy at times during the late evening.

Midweek brings some improvement to the weather and the end of the 10-day brings some consistent 50-degree highs, including for Opening Day for the Red Sox. Stay tuned for continued updates to your forecast.

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