Woman Charged in Burning of 2 Dracut Police Cruisers

Dracut Police

A woman accused of burning two police cruisers in Dracut, Massachusetts, is facing charges.

Forty-three-year-old Alicia Burley was arraigned in Lowell District Court, police said Friday.

The fire destroyed a reserve cruiser and a school resource officer vehicle in the parking lot of the Dracut Police Department on the night of Sept. 15, authorities said.

Police say Burley was found in the lobby of the police station just after the fire was put out. She was allegedly carrying a can of gasoline, a lighter and a partially used book of matches.

She was taken to an area hospital for an evaluation, police said.

A person of interest was discovered in the lobby of the Dracut Police Station shortly after the blazes, which destroy two police cruisers.

"We are extremely sensitive to the mental health component that appears to be a part of this situation," Dracut Police Chief Peter Bartlett said after the fire.

No one was injured.

Police say a not guilty plea was entered on behalf of Burley, who was charged with two felony counts of burning a motor vehicle. She faces a charge of trespassing, as well.

Burley was released on personal recognizance, police said, explaining she was ordered not to possess dangerous weapons and to stay away from the police department unless she has police business. She was also ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation.

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