Woman Found in Water Off Hyannis

The victim was pulled from the water just before noon off Kalmus Beach

A woman was hospitalized Tuesday after being found floating in the water off Kalmus Beach in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

Barnstable Police Sgt. Eric Drifmeyer said a bird watcher discovered the victim shortly before noon.

"Noticed some articles lying on the beach and upon further inspection, he noticed what appeared to be a person floating in the water," Drifmeyer said.

The woman in her sixties, who authorities believe is local to the area, was unresponsive and rushed to Cape Cod Hospital. Her exact condition is unknown.

Authorities said she appeared to have been in the water for quite some time and are concerned due to the cold temperatures.

"I don't know the exact temperature of the water but I can't imagine that someone could survive in the water for very long," Drifmeyer said.

Local and state police, as well as the Cape and Islands District Attorney's office are investigating how the woman ended up in the water.

Authorities said although it's not uncommon for people to visit the beach in the winter and frequent the jetty, doing so could pose a risk if they aren't careful.

"It's icy, the rocks are slippery, if you take a walk on the jetty... certainly enjoy yourself on the beach but always be cautious and be aware," Drifmeyer said.

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