Woman Suing USPS over Alleged Harassment

A woman who claims mail carriers have harassed her for three years, causing her to have a mental breakdown, is suing the United States Postal Service for $200,000.

Heather Astaneh of Arlington, Massachusetts said the problem started three years ago after the Postal Service refused to deliver a package. She said she filed a complaint and was later confronted by her mail carrier. Since then, she claims several postal workers have harassed her at home and around town.

"We also had packages broken, I’ve been followed in my car," Astaneh said. "I run into one of the carriers, and she’s giving me the stare down."

The lawsuit, which was dismissed by a federal judge in January, was moved to a federal court in 2017. Astaneh also received a harassment protection order against one of her mail carriers.

The judge, who called the situation a "bizarre dispute," will allow Astaneh to re-file the lawsuit once she exhausts all administrative options to settle the dispute.

Astaneh said she goes to therapy three times a week. She’s suing for the cost of those sessions, lost wages and attorney’s fees.

The Postal Service said in a statement Saturday that it doesn’t comment on pending litigation.

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