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Woman Trapped Under Car in Quincy Parking Lot Freed by Bystanders, Police

Multiple people were brought to the hospital after the accident in a grocery store parking lot

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A rapid response and collective effort from a group of police officers and a good Samaritan helped rescue a woman who became trapped beneath a car in Quincy, Massachusetts, on Thursday, police said.

Two people hit were by the car in a grocery store parking lot and taken to the hospital, according to police.

One of the victims, a 36-year-old woman, was caught under the vehicle. She has serious injuries, police said.

“It was horrifying because I could only stand here after I got up,” said the other victim, a 65-year-old Salvation Army employee who asked not to be identified. “And you can see her and hear her. She was underneath the car screaming, ‘Get it off me! Get it off me!’”

Two Quincy police officers who happened to be near the scene at the time rushed to help. A few minutes later, more officers arrived, and along with another citizen, lifted the car enough to free the woman, according to police.

“Pretty sure they probably saved this woman from more serious injury, if not death,” a police spokesman said.

The car's driver is not facing charges.

The nearly fatal collision took place the day before Christmas in a parking lot that shoppers say can be dangerous, with cars sometimes speeding through it.

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