Woman Found Dead in Chelsea Apartment; Police Investigating

Chelsea police said the public is not at risk.

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There was a large police presence Saturday night at an apartment complex in Chelsea, Massachusetts, where a woman's death is being investigated.

Chelsea police say a 48-year-old woman was pronounced dead around 4:30 p.m. inside her apartment at Parkway Commons on Stockton Street. Police have not identified her or said how she died.

According to police, a man, also 48, who is believed to live with the victim, was seriously injured Saturday, police said. He was taken to a local hospital for further treatment. There was no immediate information on his injuries and his name was not released.

Police said they are not looking for anyone else who may have been involved or injured in the incident. The public is not at risk.

Massachusetts State Police, Chelsea detectives, the medical examiner, and the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office are on scene conducting an investigation. The DA's office is in charge, police said.

Neighbors told NBC10 Boston they were surprised to see police investigating in what they call a peaceful and quiet section of Chelsea.

"This neighborhood is ok. I mean you don’t hear of these incidents. We are surprised about this," said one man whose parents live in the complex. "It’s kind of shocking to hear somebody get stabbed here. I don’t know. It’s weird.”

"“It’s crazy that happened," another man said. "I feel sorry for the family. My condolences go to the family.”

An investigation is ongoing.

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