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Police Investigating After Women Secretly Videotaped in Cambridge Bathroom

An investigation is underway after five women told Cambridge police they were secretly videotaped inside of the bathroom of a Gore Street apartment.

The women went to the police station this weekend to report that a 26-year-old man had allegedly videotaped them without their knowledge and may have posted the videos online.

Four of the women were visiting the apartment from New York. The fifth woman was the roommate of the man accused of making the tapes. All of the people involved knew each other prior to the police report.

One of the women told police that while trying to change music coming from the man's phone, she discovered nude images and videos of her friends inside of the bathroom.

When the group confronted the man about the videos, he denied knowing anything about them or the camera. However, he was insistent about wanting the camera back.

The woman who lived at the apartment also said she knew nothing about the camera and did not consent to any videos.

The camera, described in the complaint as a black Wi-Fi spy camera with a wall plug and mini-USB charger, has been taken into evidence by police.

So far, there have been no charges and the investigation is ongoing.

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