Worcester Man Sentenced for Burning Down Own Home

A Worcester man has been sentenced to six years in prison after pleading guilty to burning down his own home.

Kevin Crozier, 31, along with his associates, identified as Scott Phelan and Lionel Bermudez, were accused of setting fire to a home on Dixfield Road where Crozier lived in with his then-girlfriend in 2015.

Prosecutors said Crozier's motive was to collect insurance money; however, the house was not insured and the money was never paid.

Crozier's attorney argued for a lesser sentence in Worcester Superior Court Friday, saying that Crozier already spent more than three years in jail since his arrest.

Phelan and Bermudez have also pleaded guilty to arson and are awaiting sentencing.

Crozier's then-girlfriend who lived in the home, Sabrina Hatheway, has been missing since Dec. 21, 2015. Her whereabouts remain under investigation.

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