Worcester Public Schools to Close Early Monday and Tuesday Due to Heat Wave

Students are not allowed to drink from water fountains due to COVID-19 and not every school has air conditioning.

Worcester Public Schools will dismiss students three hours early on Monday and Tuesday due to the heat wave, school officials announced Sunday.

Along with the high temperatures, the lack of air-conditioning in schools and rules against water fountain use due to COVID-19 led to the decision, according to a tweet from Worcester Public Schools.

The heat wave is expected to peak on Monday with temperatures in the 90s.

With record-breaking temperatures possible Monday, residents are finding ways to beat the heat.

In addition to the early dismissals, there will be no half day a.m. or p.m. preschool on Monday and Tuesday, according to the school district.

Headstart buildings will open at the regular time at close at 12:30 p.m. on both days, according to school officials. Students will be provided water, but the district recommends that children bring additional water to school.

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