Worries Return About Patio at Olde Salt House in Cohasset

Old Salt House

A South Shore restaurant that was in the news several months back when the seawall supporting its patio fell into the sea is back in the news once again, as the fixes made to the outdoor dining area were apparently not permanent and erosion appears to be taking place again.

The Cohasset Mariner is reporting that the Cohasset Conservation Commission is "taking matters seriously" as conditions of the seawall by the Olde Salt House continues to deteriorate, and the commission may end up issuing cease and desist orders and setting fines for the place that could be around $9,000 a month. The article mentions that owner Gerd Ordelheide and general manager Joe Laspada of Atlantica (which is part of the complex) had been invited to a meeting concerning the patio/seawall issue on August 24, but Laspada subsequently declined the invitation, mentioning that Ordelheide had no plans to permanently fix the seawall. The commission has sent Ordelheide a letter that explains what is needed in regards to a permanent fix to the seawall, and he will also need to file a Notice of Intent with the commission by October 22--and with the next selectmen meeting scheduled for October 25, it appears that an update could be coming before the meeting, so stay tuned.

The patio for the Olde Salt House crumbled into the ocean as the seawall gave way in late June, but it was rebuilt and the restaurant opened back up the following month after getting the green light from the building inspector.

The address for the Olde Salt House--which is part of The Cohasset Harbor Resort and includes Brisa, Atlantica, and the Cohasset Harbor Inn--is 44 Border Street, Cohasset, MA, 02025. The website is at http://www.oldesalthouse.com/

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