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Yikes! Firefighters, Vets Help Dog After Chew Toy Gets Stuck

Firefighters in Wrentham, Massachusetts, unexpectedly came to the aid of a resident's dog Sunday afternoon.

Fire officials wrote on Facebook that around 2 p.m., a woman arrived at the fire department with her dog, which had a plastic chew toy lodged stiffly around her lower jaw and in her mouth.

The toy was not choking the dog, but officials said the dog was still very distraught.

Wrentham Fire Department officials said the task of removing the toy was challenge because it could not easily be cut through, even by a hydraulic cutter.

After multiple failed attempts to get the toy loose, they advised the dog be taken to Tufts Vet Emergency in Walpole.

The fire department said that veterinary staff also struggled to free the toy from the dog's mouth, but were eventually able to dislodge it by sedating the dog and using a cast cutter.

The dog is now home safe and healthy with its owners.

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