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You Can Soon Buy a NH Home Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

A rare mid-century modern home built by one of the most prolific architects in modern history is going up for sale and will be open to the public for the very first time.

The Frank Lloyd Wright home at 117 Heather St. in Manchester, New Hampshire, is one of only seven homes of its kind ever constructed.

Steve Kalil remembers visiting his aunt and uncle, but as a kid, he didn't yet understand the significance of their house.

"It was my uncle's house and it was unusual," he said. "We knew that."

Dr. Toufik Kalil and his wife, Mildred, commissioned architectural pioneer Wright to design their two bedroom, two bathroom home back in 1955.

"When the plans came for something like this, a Usonian Automatic, they were like, 'Wow, what do we got here?'" Steve Kalil recalled. "It was nothing they expected, but they fell in love with it."

It became one of only seven of Wright's Usonian Automatics ever constructed in the world.

"These houses were built with modular blocks that could theoretically be cast by the owner and assembled by the owner," Kalil said.

In post-war America, there was a housing shortage, and this was Wright's attempt to make homeownership more affordable.

The house is furnished with dozens of pieces designed by Wright himself, and if you buy the home, the unique and original decor comes with it.

The Kalils paid $70,000 for their custom home, and over the course of 64 years, the value has skyrocketed by more than 1,000%.

"We spared no expense in restoring it," Kalil said.

The property will hit the market next month for $850,000, though Kalil argues owning this piece of history is priceless.

"They don't build them like this anymore," he said.

For more information on the Heather Street home, click here.

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