31 Decomposing Bodies Found at Indiana Funeral Home, Police Say

The cremated remains of 16 people were also found after Jeffersonville police received a tip about the condition of the business. No arrests have been made

Lankford Funeral Home in Jeffersonville, Ind.
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The decomposing bodies of 31 people along with the cremated remains of 16 were discovered by officers inspecting a funeral home in Indiana, police said Saturday.

The inspection of Lankford Funeral Home and Family Center came following a tip on the condition of the business, said Maj. Isaac Parker of the police department in Jeffersonville, Indiana, a city adjacent to Louisville, Kentucky.

The bodies were said to be in varying stages of decomposition. It's not clear if police suspect there was any wrongdoing. No arrests have been made.

The Jeffersonville Police Department said the discovery is part of an ongoing investigation.

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