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impeachment 7 hours ago

Trump Impeachment Vote Underscores a Harshly Partisan Era

This coming week’s virtually certain House impeachment of President Donald Trump will underscore how Democrats and Republicans have morphed into fiercely divided camps since lawmakers impeached President Bill Clinton. Twenty-one years ago this Thursday, a Republican-led House approved two impeachment articles against Democrat Clinton. While that battle was bitterly partisan, it was blurrier than the near party-line votes expected this week

  • Fact Check 8 hours ago

    Fact Check: Trump’s Impeachment Rage, Bloomberg on Coal

    As near-certain impeachment closes in on him, President Donald Trump raged at his accusers, the Democrats. In the process, he offered a highly selective account of the testimony of a damning witness and misrepresented the facts of a phone call at the heart of the constitutional showdown. Trump also branded Democrats crazy for wanting to impeach him after all the…

  • 2019 9 hours ago

    Houses of Worship Attacked With Deadly Frequency in 2019

    A two-week span in January illustrated the scope of this somber phenomenon. In Thailand, a group of separatist insurgents attacked a Buddhist temple, killing the abbot and one of his fellow monks. In the Philippines, two suicide attackers detonated bombs during a Mass in a Roman Catholic cathedral on the largely Muslim island of Jolo, killing 23 and wounding about…

  • climate change 10 hours ago

    Climate Talks Stall as Chile Mediates a Compromise

    Chilean officials presiding over this year’s U.N. climate talks said Saturday they plan to propose a compromise to bridge yawning differences among countries that have been deadlocked on key issues for the past two weeks. With the meeting already into extra time, draft documents presented overnight failed to achieve consensus. Observers and environmental groups warned that they risked undoing

  • horse racing 5 hours ago

    2 Horses Die in First Race at Los Alamitos

    Two horses died after the first race at Los Alamitos Race Course Saturday, adding to the death toll in a year that has seen increased scrutiny of the sport in Southern California.

  • Donald Trump 18 hours ago

    Supreme Court to Take Up Dispute Over Subpoenas for Trump Records

    The Supreme Court says it will hear President Donald Trump’s pleas to keep his tax, bank and financial records private. The justices’ decision Friday to hear cases involving demands for records from Trump’s banks and accounting firm means the court is likely to issue final rulings in June, amid Trump’s campaign for re-election.

  • Brexit 9 hours ago

    Johnson’s Win May Deliver Brexit But Could Risk UK’s Breakup

    Leaving the European Union is not the only split British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has to worry about. Johnson’s commanding election victory this week may let him fulfil his campaign promise to “get Brexit done,” but it could also imperil the future of the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland and Northern Ireland didn’t vote

  • Sandy Hook 14 hours ago

    Church Services, Vigils to Mark 7 Years Since Sandy Hook Shooting

    Vigils and church services are planned Saturday in Connecticut to mark the seventh anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and remember victims of other gun violence incidents. Twenty first-graders and six educators were killed at the Newtown school on Dec. 14, 2012. The Newtown Congregational Church and St. Rose of Lima Church will hold remembrance services in Newtown…

  • Cannabis in Indiana 13 hours ago

    Indiana Resisting Marijuana Trend of Neighboring States

    Indiana’s Republican leaders oppose taking steps toward following Michigan and Illinois in legalizing marijuana use during the upcoming legislative session. Indiana lawmakers have not seriously debated steps such as allowing medical marijuana or removing the threat of jail time for possessing small amounts of the drug, even as recreational marijuana sales have won approval in Michigan and Illinois and medical

  • LAPD 12 hours ago

    LAPD Officer Accused of Fondling Dead Woman’s Body Is Arrested

    An LAPD officer suspected of fondling a dead woman’s body was charged by prosecutors and arrested Thursday, authorities said. David Rene Rojas was booked by LAPD internal affairs detectives on a warrant that accused him of having sexual contact with human remains, according to the LA County District Attorney’s Office. Rojas, 27, was arrested without incident at his home

  • Jazmine Headley 6 hours ago

    Mother Who Had Son Ripped From Her Arms by NYPD Gets $625K Settlement from NYC

    A mother whose child was yanked from her arms at the hands of NYPD officers in Brooklyn has been awarded a $625,000 settlement from the city

  • Anti-Semitism order Dec 13

    Anti-Semitism Order Raises Tough Issue of Defining Prejudice

    President Donald Trump signed an order this week that expands the potential scope of anti-Semitism complaints on college campuses. At the heart of the debate around the issue are two thorny questions: when speech about Israel crosses the line into anti-Semitism, and whether the Trump administration is equipped to effectively draw that line.

  • impeachment Dec 13

    Panel Vote Sends Trump Impeachment Charges to Full House

    Democrats propelled President Donald Trump’s impeachment toward a vote by the full U.S. House on Friday, as the Judiciary Committee approved charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress in the constitutional and political storm that has divided Congress and the nation.

  • California 13 hours ago

    Louisiana Sues California Over Alligator Ban

    Louisiana is suing the state of California over its decision to ban the import and sale of alligator products, saying the ban will hurt an important Louisiana industry and ultimately could hurt the state’s wetlands. In a lawsuit filed Thursday, Louisiana said the economy surrounding alligators has played a key role in bringing back the American alligator population and is an

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