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Ohio Family: Burglars Stole Mini Pet Pig During Break-In

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    Ohio Family: Burglars Stole Mini Pet Pig During Break-In
    Valerie Couch
    Spam the pig was stolen during a break-in at an Ohio home.

    Cleveland police are investigating a reported break-in after a couple said someone entered their home and stole their 15-pound pet pig named Spam, jewelry, TVs, a tablet and camera. 

    The pig's owners say they suspect the thief is planning to sell the miniature pig named Spam, which they say could be valued at as much as $1,000. 

    Cleveland police say a detective will be assigned to the case, but Spam's owner, Valerie Couch, is criticizing the agency's response. She says her family has been frustrated by the "unresponsive detective" and accused the Cleveland police of ignoring leads they've provided. 

    "One of the items stolen was a tablet which can be traced to an address and the Cleveland police have passed us along to East Cleveland police who in turn passed us back to Cleveland. Which of course accomplished the same result as the beginning," Couch wrote in a Facebook post. "The fact that I have an address to find these items and they still don't pursue is mind boggling to me."

    Cleveland police didn't immediately respond to request for comment.

    Couch posted about the missing pig on Facebook and says she and her husband hope their public plea will lead the thief to return Spam.