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Why Parents and Doctors Are So Worried About Teens 'Juuling'

"My biggest concern is she’s sucking in vapor and we don’t know what that does," Dr. Jenni Levy said of her daughter

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    Why Parents and Doctors Are So Worried About Teens 'Juuling'
    Brianna Soukup/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images
    This Dec. 7, 2017, file photo shows an employee at Lucky Juju in Portland, Maine, hold a Juul vape in his hand.

    Juul is a sleek, discrete brand of e-cigarettes that's become a hit for teenagers and a concern for families, teachers and doctors, "Today" reported.

    Each Juul pod contains an equivalent amount of nicotine to a pack of cigarettes, according to the manufacturer.

    Some doctors are concerned that teens believe e-cigarettes are safe when they have been found to deliver cancer-causing chemicals. Fruity flavors, like those you can buy for Juuls, were found to be the worst offenders, according to research published in March.

    Among those concerned doctors is Jenni Levy, who found out her 18-year-old daughter was "juuling" when her husband found an unusual cartridge in the laundry in their Pennsylvania home. "My biggest concern is she's sucking in vapor and we don't know what that does," she said.